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Solving extremely large scale optimization problems using FICO's Xpress Optimization Suite


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Even vast improvements in optimization solver engine speed have not been sufficient to deal with the challenge of massive problems.

Many optimization problems are too large to fit into memory or too hard to solve at all, or, for many applications, too hard to solve within the required time. This is when decomposition -- breaking the problem into subproblems and solving them either sequentially or in parallel -- is the solution.

We will present:
- Decomposition techniques from a practical perspective
- How the FICO Xpress Optimization Suite provides two approaches for decomposition
- How multi-problem and multi-model approaches work within the Xpress-Mosel modeling language
- How FICO clients have addressed "super-size" problems using Xpress



Horia Tipi
Principal Consultant within FICO's Solutions Management group.

Horia has 10 years of experience designing and delivering FICO optimization technologies, in particular user-centric applications such as integrated development environments and advanced optimization prototyping tools. He has delivered optimization solutions in marketing, energy, portfolio management, transportation, workforce scheduling, retail, and manufacturing.



Wednesday June 16, 2010 Noon - 2 PM


The Penn Club, 30 West 44th Street, New York, NY



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Call Sam Koslowsky at  (212) 520-3259 or email him.

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